Bring your project from conception all the way to completion. Available for consulting and freelance.


Creative Strategy services

What are your business goals? What's your brand saying? This is where we cover the W's. What, where, when, how and why. Understanding where you were, where you are and who your audience/users are (Gathering business requirements and user requirements). All will determinate the best road and direction to go. Let's build the plan.

Design Services

The right tools to implement the strategy with intelligent ideas. Designing with industry best practices include both print and digital mediums: brand identity, advertising, collateral, brochure, packaging, websites, apps ...etc.. Don't forget supporting style guides. Layout, prototyping, wireframes. Pixel perfect projects - Say that 3 times fast.

User Experience services

Focused on HCD (Human Centered Design). It's woven through out the design process. Seeing through the eye of the user, from strategy to launch - It's the story of the experience. Using UX methods to understand then deliver the users what they need. User research, user mapping, user journeys, peronas, user flows, prototyping of all types. All making a grand experience for your product or service.

Waterloo, Ontario

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